After working through most of my twenties as a security guard, I became
a software developer in my early thirties, and worked in the computing and
finance industries for about twenty years. After retiring from programming, 
I took up blogging full time. Married for the past 27 years, I am the father
of two wonderful adult daughters. I'm a lifelong non-drinker who has avoided
all drug use, and I have an excellent reputation for honesty, reliability and integrity. 

Although people who report evidence of the paranormal are often subject to 
defamatory accusations, I am aware of no such negative accusations against myself. 
If you ever read any such accusation, do not believe it, for it is probably 
just another case of someone trying to discredit reports of the paranormal
by attacking those who observe it. Many skeptics of the paranormal have for a very long time been extremely ruthless in spreading false accusations and 
defamatory claims about people who witness the paranormal. 

                                                                                    -- Mark Mahin