I Keep Dreaming of Danger, Death, the Deceased and Life After Death

Note: After its appearance on February 20, I have been updating this post with recent relevant examples. 

Since mid-November I have noticed a strange change in my dreams. During the past few months my dreams have been dominated by themes of danger, death, the deceased and life after death. I will describe particular dreams I have had in such categories.


The danger dreams are usually nightmares in which I seem to be facing great peril or risk of death, although some involve other people in peril. Since mid-November these have included the following:

  • I had a dream I was packing to leave, running away from a military invasion of my country.
  • I had a dream I was trying to hide from a grizzly bear that was outdoors.
  • I had a dream that a grizzly bear had somehow got inside a house I was in. 
  • I had a dream of being in a backyard, and seeing a flaming plane crash near me. 
  • I had a dream of fleeing a monster that was behind a door. 
  • I dreamed of a fire spreading from a gas station to an adjacent house. 
  • I dreamed of encountering growling lions inside a house in which I had been invited. 
  • I dreamed I was running to find a hospital because of some medical problem.
  • I dreamed I was watching heart surgery be performed. 
  • I dreamed I was stuck on the top of a speeding tractor-trailer, shouting for the driver to stop.
  • I dreamed I was guarding a party of some guy with enemies, and holding closed a door which someone (apparently a killer) was trying very hard to push open; and the door was slowly opening. 
  • I dreamed I saw a scary figure lurking in my back yard at night. 
  • I dreamed someone said I looked horrible, and so I looked in a mirror, seeing my skin discolored. 
  • I had a dream I was packing up things, preparing to go to a hospital (one of quite a few "packing up for travel" dreams or "gathering up stuff for travel" dreams I have recently had, including quite a few not mentioned here). 
  • I dreamed a tenant (?) was asking me for the phone number to call the National Guard, presumably because of some great danger.
  • I dreamed of inanimate objects moving around on the floor as if some great earthquake was occurring. 
  • I dreamed someone warned me not to go down some path, saying that was "the wolf way."
  • I dreamed I fell off the top of a tall building, and was dangling near the top of it. 
  • I dreamed of people on a pier that collapsed. 
  • I had a dream driving in Manhattan, trying to reach a bridge to escape some unspecified danger.
  • I dreamed someone sneezed near me, causing me to reach for some Lysol to use to reduce the danger.
  • I had a dream of some men swimming down a river to escape some danger. 
  • I dreamed of getting a big bill at a hospital. 
  • I dreamed I saw people on the street running with scared faces, as if they fleeing some unseen danger behind them.
  • I dreamed I was a night watchman at a building invaded by robbers armed with weapons.
  • I dreamed men were falling down a kind of hill-like surface with lots of rocks moving with them, in some event resembling a rock slide,
  • I dreamed about someone selling pesticides putting children in danger.
  • I dreamed I had major surgery, and was asked by a nurse later whether I wanted to sleep 10 hours a day while recovering, or for much longer. 
  • I dreamed the police offered me a dangerous job in which I would be jumping between buildings.
  • I dreamed that in some biology "live sample" test I was taking, one of the animals was a very large spider that bit me. 
  • I dreamed a man was pointing to his heart to signal to a police car that he was having a heart attack. 
  • I had a dream I was in a house in which someone discussed some apocalyptic event coming. I opened the door, and saw the sky was filled with round objects: maybe meteors or invading spaceships. A woman approached my house's door, surrounded by big cats like leopards or tigers. I slammed the door, and tried to keep it closed as I felt someone on the other side trying to thrust the door open. 
  • I dreamed I was trying to get coffee from a vending machine, but the machine stopped working (such a failure of liquid moving machinery perhaps suggesting some risk of bodily death by a heart problem interrupting the body's liquid moving machinery). 
  • I dreamed I was trying to park my car in a garage, but all of the available spaces were blocked off by yellow tape. This "yellow blockage" dream may have suggested the artery blockage that can cause sudden death (such blockage involves plaque that is yellow-colored). 
  • I dreamed I was being pursued by a large motorcycle gang, and that I escaped them by hiding in a kind of natural crevice. 
  • I dreamed someone stabbed me in the back with a syringe. 

Death (Direct References)

Since mid-November I have had these dreams (among others) that seemed to explicitly refererence death:

  •  I had a dream in which I saw a tombstone. 
  • I had a dream in which I said, "This is like some scene in a mafia movie in which someone gets killed."
  • I had a dream of someone being sucked out of a hole in an airplane (a visual that seems to symbolize the idea of sudden death). 
  • I had a dream about getting benefits in case of death.
  • I had a dream in which there was some statement like "they thought their child was dead, but he was only taken away."
  • I had a dream in which I took a newsletter (?) with someone's name printed on the address part, and someone said, "You're stealing that from a dead man."
  • I dreamed of a man shot repeatedly in the neck, which presumably would have killed him. 
  • I had a dream in which I was telling my wife and children how my assets would be distributed when I die. 
  • I had a dream of a book store that posted a notice saying that an author had died. 
  • I dreamed I was in a train car divided into about 10 sections, each of which was filled with dirt and a shovel -- a kind of "train of graves" dream.
  • I dreamed a dead mother was in a coffin, and I was wondering whether the coffin should be buried immediately, or whether I should seek out the mother's son to notify him first.
  • I dreamed there was a detective investigating some murder. 
  • I dreamed of some military action in which a soldier was killed by being shot.
  • I dreamed I visited a woman who had many pets, one of them being a dog my family once owned before it died. After a vivid dream experience petting the dog's back, I said, "This old dog will die soon." But the dog looked young and very healthy, and I wonder whether those words were a veiled reference to a human dying soon.  
  • I dreamed I saw a truck run over a man on the highway, apparently killing him. 
  • I dreamed that people were throwing flowers upon something that would become a funeral pyre once it was lit.  
  • I dreamed that some family members were being told someone in their family had died. 
  • I dreamed that the late actor and celebrity Orson Bean said to me something like, "I've heard that you're having lots of dreams about death?" I answered "Yes," and he then said something like, "Well, when it's your time, it's your time," echoing a Shakespeare line in which Julius Caesar says death "will come when it will come."
  • I dreamed I saw some "teaser clip" talking about a soon-to-be-shown TV news segment talking about some near-death experience in a place called Sominem. 
  • I dreamed I was watching some TV show in which someone was talking about a murder. 
  • I had a dream in which somebody's throat was cut, in a seemingly fatal blow. 
  • I had a dream that a woman, aged 66, gave a vocal performance at some little place, seemingly her first vocal performance in quite a while. Then with a smile she said, "My life has been a miracle," and then a second later she collapsed to the ground, apparently dying. (See here for a rationale for suspecting that every human life is essentially a miracle.)
  • I had a dream that someone knocked on my door late at night and told me that I might be inheriting some money when a person died. 
  • I had a dream in which two men died by gunfire. 
  • I had a dream in which a rabbit died and was buried. 
  • I had a vivid dream in which some aircraft crashed into the top of one or more tall buildings in Manhattan, creating some large-scale fatal catastrophe that seemed to cause a kind of "falling dominoes" effect. I looked up and saw much falling debris. Then a kind of bell-shaped structure fell on me. Later my wife found me under this structure (I'm not sure whether dead or alive). There is a possible "surviving the fatal catastrophe" motif here which might symbolize life after death. 
  • I dreamed there was some smartphone app that allowed you to specify a video to be played when you die. This is actually a decent idea for a product. We can imagine such an app being linked to a fitness tracking watch, and the video (perhaps one in which you say goodbye to your loved ones) might play in an endless loop when the fitness tracking watch detects five minutes of no pulse. 
  • I had a dream in which someone was shot in the back at close range.  
  • I had a dream some people were killed because they knew some secret that someone else didn't want anyone to reveal. 
  • I had a dream in which someone was singing about some man dying of cancer. 

Death (Indirect References or Possible Symbolic References)

Many of my dreams since mid-November have seemed to symbolize death indirectly. A common element has been a "turning off the light" or "loss of power" theme that may symbolize the snuffing out of the physical spark of life. Examples include these:

  • I had a dream I was driving a truck and saw my license had expired ("expiration" is a euphemism for death).
  • I had a dream someone was on the other side of a door, and upon opening the door I saw a white-faced man collapse (suggesting the idea of sudden death).
  • I had a dream of snuffing out a candle. 
  • I had a dream of getting a slip telling me of a stock liquidation ("liquidation" is a euphemism for death).
  • I had a dream of seeing a Christmas tree, and saying that all the lights must be turned off. 
  • I had a dream I experienced a power failure while in Russia. 
  • I had a dream in which flies (a symbol of death) were on the ear of a motionless unspeaking head. 
  • I had a dream in which I was going to buy two big bags of dirt to use to kind of finish up a big soil area in my backyard, a dream rather suggesting the idea of a grave. 
  • I dreamed of being in a check-out line in some book store; I had another dream of being in a check-out line at a grocery story; and I had another dream of using a library processing line that used to be called "the check-out line." "Checking out" is sometimes used as a slang term for dying. 
  • I dreamed that I planned to suddenly leave some building I was in, after posting a goodbye note saying, "Gone forever." In the dream's next scene I left by ascending in a helicopter. The leaving of the note saying "gone forever" may symbolize death, and the leaving by helicopter may symbolize the ascent of the soul to some postmortal realm.
  • I dreamed that I was bleeding blue blood heavily, and a doctor told me this was a symptom of a viral disease famous for having a very high fatality rate.
  • I dreamed that in the middle of the night I was surprised to see a light on in my home, and turned it off. 
  • I dreamed that mice had been caught on glue traps, making them either dead or near death.  On another night I dreamed of two dead mice. 
  • I dreamed that a video game I was using suddenly "died on me" and stopped working, something that may symbolize the idea of sudden death. 
  • I had a dream in which I was in my mother's old house, in the middle of the night when the lights were off. I saw the back of a woman I didn't recognize, looking out a window which provided some light. I asked her a question, and she didn't respond. I used my hands to turn her shoulders so I could look her right in the face. But she had no face -- no eyes, no nose, no mouth. In place of her face was just a formless blackness. Very scared, I asked, "Who are you? Who are you?" I then realized I was dreaming, and tried to wake myself up. But it took about 10 seconds to do this, because I had been sleeping very deeply. You could call this a "Lady Death" dream, as the figure seemed to represent death, and resembled some artwork in which death is depicted as a hooded figure whose face is a formless blackness. 
  • I had a dream of a baseball pitcher throwing the baseball to the first baseman, who tagged out a runner on first base, resulting in his sudden departure from the playing field, in a "pickoff" that can occur as a rather rare surprise in baseball. This may have symbolized the sudden departure of sudden death. 
  • I dreamed of arriving to see a "Saturday Night Live" taping too late, past the deadline (the "deadline" part perhaps symbolizing death). 
  • I dreamed I was carrying a painting, and when it started to rain, I raised the painting above my head to block the rain. This dream of an "art raise fluid block" may be a veiled reference to an "arteries fluid block" of the type that might kill someone in a fatal heart attack. On the same day I dreamed of some 3D modeling program (what is called a CAD program) that seemed to be displaying a heart and its parts (CAD is an acronym for both Computer Aided Design and Coronary Artery Disease, a leading cause of death). 
  • I dreamed I woke up in the middle of the night in a house (on the second floor), and scolded my sister for leaving on so many lights. I went down to the first floor to start turning off lights, but then began writing on some pieces of paper, "losing my place" while I was writing (in the sense of forgetting at which spot I had been writing some narrative). My brother appeared, and asked when I would be done. I said I was almost finished, and told him to start turning off the lights, telling him that by the time all the lights were off I would be finished.  The "losing of place" may signify a discontinuity of death. The being "almost finished" may signify being near death, and the lights being turned off (one of many appearances of such a motif in my recent dreams) may signify death, particularly given that in the dream the turning off of lights was equated with me "being finished." 
  • I had a dream there was a theatrical production that was abruptly stopped, as some director came out on the stage and quoted Albert Einstein as saying that under some conditions you just have to have a sudden end.  This may have symbolized the idea of sudden death. 
  • I had a dream of receiving a phone call saying that some developer at a bank had just been terminated, a possible veiled reference to death. 
  • I had a dream that I was two days away from leaving a job, a possible veiled reference to soon "leaving the job" of earthly existence. 
  • I had a dream I brought in someone to check out a problem with my refrigerator, and he said that the device was fine, and that the problem was in my electricity. I then tested my electricity by turning on a fan, which ran in a kind of irregular, spasmodic, stop-and-start manner. The dream may have been a dark veiled warning about sudden cardiac death, which typically occurs because of some kind of electrical malfunction in the heart. 
  • I had a dream I was in a house and could hear from another room a woman's voice saying, "Dad?! Dad?!" The tone of voice was one suggesting the discovery of a dead or collapsed body. 
  • I had a dream in which I was looking at an unplugged bath tub with a little water in it. As the last water started to go down the drain, there was that kind of gurgling sound that a tub will make as the last gallon of bath water goes down the drain. This may have symbolized death, which often occurs with a kind of gurgling sound. 
  • I had a vivid dream of something rather like a hollow office tower filled not with floors but many ladders stretching way up into the air. I was on one such ladder, about 60 ladder wrungs up the ladder, and below me on the same ladder were many other people. All of the ladders were filled with people, and everyone on the ladders was climbing up higher and higher (rather like in the depiction below). I could see my daughters far below me, on other ladders, and wished for them to climb carefully. Then suddenly I was told that because of something in my DNA, I could not climb the ladder any higher.  Each wrung on the ladder seems to represent one year in a person's life, and the ladder climbing seems to represent aging. The dream may suggest some DNA or genetic reason why I may not live much longer, or may not be able to live another year or reach my next birthday. 

Life-After-Death or Immortality (Direct References or Possible Symbolic References)

Many of my dreams since mid-November have seemed to directly reference or indirectly symbolize life after death or immortality.  Examples include these:

  • I had a dream I was working in a company developing an immortality drug. 
  • I had a dream in which I heard the song "You'll Never Walk Alone," which in the movies was originally sung in a scene in which the spirit of the deceased Billy Bigelow is trying to express his love for his daughter and wife, who cannot see his invisible spirit. 
  • I had a dream of having a power failure in my home, with a quick restoration. The power failure may symbolize death, and the power restoration may symbolize life after death. 
  • I had a dream in which I turned off the light to better see some glorious sight in the night sky. The turning-off of the light may symbolize death, and the glorious sight in the sky may symbolize some heavenly glory experienced after death. 
  • I had a dream in which a moth was trapped in my bathroom, and I opened up the bathroom window and turned off the light, so that the moth could be attracted to the moonlight or light from outside, and leave my bathroom.  The moth trapped in the bathroom may symbolize the soul trapped in a body. The turning off of the light may symbolize death. The idea of the moth leaving the bathroom and heading towards the greater light outdoors may symbolize the soul leaving the body and heading toward some greater light like that in some heavenly realm often described as a place of dazzling light. 
  • I dreamed I had been working a long time, and told to "go home." In another dream I was working very late at the office, and there was a kind of impression that I would soon be going home. In another dream I finished working at an office, and started to go home, returning back to my desk after realizing I had forgot to take my winter coat. In near-death experiences people often encounter some mystical realm they claim they felt to be their "real home."
  • In dreamed I won big in a lottery, about the same time someone said something about "going home."  This could have been some reference to good fortune obtained when "going home" to some heavenly realm.  In another dream I was "going home" victorious after some big military victory. 
  • I had a dream of stone statues of saints being packed into canoes on a river, suggesting some kind of "religious journey to the Other Side" theme. 
  • I dreamed I was swimming from one side of a river to the other, which suggests some "journey to the Other Side" theme. 
  • I dreamed I saw (through what I first thought was a big window) a big scary monster, but then I found out the monster was a CGI illusion, because the "window" was not a window but a big video screen.  The monster may symbolize death, and finding that the monster was nothing to fear may symbolize finding (through some life after death) that death is really nothing to fear.  
  • I dreamed that someone had found either a fourth act of Wagner's opera Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, or a sequel to it. We know that Wagner did not write such an act or such a sequel, at least not while he lived in his mortal life, and that this opera is only three acts.  This dream thereby implies the idea of Wagner continuing his composing work after death. 
  •  I dreamed opera singers were singing "Nessun Dorma" as behind them a man collapsed. "Nessun Dorma" is a triumphant aria that ends with words in Italian that mean "I will win, I will win, I will win!" The juxtaposition of this triumphant aria with the visual of a man collapsing as though dying suggests a "death as a triumph" idea suggestive of life after death. 
  • I dreamed a man had been stabbed (probably dying), and that I then saw the man standing in a building, and said, "Hi there -- back from the grave?" The dream suggests the idea of continuation after death. 
  • I had a dream in which some person asked me if he could use something, and I said he could. But then I got the feeling the person was a ghost. So I turned to the door, pointed at it, and said, "Go out, Kevin!" When I turned my head back to look at where the figure had been, I saw that it had suddenly vanished, like a ghost. 
  • I had a dream of someone jumping off the top of a high skyscraper, but then using a parachute to escape death, which may symbolize postmortal survival after what seems like someone's demise.
  • I had a dream in which from an overpass I looked down and saw a car driving very fast smash into another car.  But the collision caused the car to ascend into the air and land on the overpass, with the clear idea that the mother and child in the car had "landed safely." The high-speed collision may symbolize death, the ascent of the car may symbolize the ascent of the soul to heaven, and landing safely on the overpass may symbolize reaching a state of postmortal immortality on a higher heavenly level. 
  • I had a dream in which I heard the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah, with its resounding repetition of a theme of eternal life.
  • I dreamed my deceased father showed me a wallet. I took out of it a card that had on it the name of a company that notoriously underwent a "sudden death" that came in the form of an unexpected bankruptcy.  My father then said, "Your identity won't be stolen," a possible reference to life-after-death that prevents a loss or "theft" of personal identity. 
  • I had a dream in which I got a bus back home quickly, but some young people had to wait a long time before getting their bus back home.  Because those having near-death experiences often report encountering some heavenly realm which they thought of as their "real home," you could interpret this "bus back home" as reaching an afterlife realm after death (a person as old as me getting such a trip fairly soon, and young people having to wait a long time before getting such a trip). 
  • I dreamed my late father asked (?) if I could go to some home where I had previously lived, saying that my late grandmother now lived there. I'm not sure whether it was an asking to make such a trip or a prediction of such a trip. Another "going home" reference that may refer to a postmortal realm, particularly given the assertion that my late grandmother now lives there. 
  • I had a dream consisting of nothing but me giving a key to an old woman. Suggesting a new residence for the old woman, the dream may symbolize some afterlife place to which the old woman may soon be going to. 
  • I had a dream I was using some computer program or web site allowing me to peek into graves. When I pressed a button, I saw on my computer screen a big rectangular hole in the ground. But inside the hole there was no coffin, no corpse, and no skeleton -- only dirt. The dream seems to suggest a kind of "death is an illusion" theme.
  • I had a dream in which there was the vague idea that some very important transition event was about to occur, but that it could only occur if I traveled somewhere by bus. The transition event may have meant death, and the bus trip may have signified moving to some afterlife realm. 
  • I dreamed that I was supposed to go with an old man to speak with Johnny Carson for some interview scheduled for around 8:30.  I wonder whether the going to speak with Johnny Carson part was a reference to going to a place of the dead (Carson is deceased), and whether the 8:30 symbolized August 30 (the 30th day of the eighth month of the year).  
  • I dreamed that some ghost was saying, "I'm here to pick up my wife."
  • I dreamed that a married couple on a trip were unexpectedly separated, with one of the two going on a "great trip" to Sweden. The separation may represent death, and the "great trip" to a high northern country may symbolize some trip to a "more elevated" afterlife realm. 
  • I dreamed that my late father was driving me somewhere, and I could see (driving in a nearby car) my late sister. There was an idea that we would all soon be meeting at the same destination, which may suggest the idea of me soon meeting deceased relatives in some afterlife situation. 
  • I dreamed that someone behind a desk asked me to tell in which graveyard my late mother was buried, as if he doubted that she was really dead. Such a dream suggesting a doubting about whether a deceased person was really dead may suggest (in a veiled, indirect way) the idea of life after death (it being in one sense right to doubt that the deceased are really dead if they survive in some afterlife). 
  • I dreamed that my younger brother asked me whether it was true that "something could go on forever," a possible reference to eternal life. 
  • I dreamed that a woman driven in a car over a river bridge (from the other side of a river) got out of the car, and said she had to walk about sixty blocks before she could reach home.  Each of the sixty blocks may symbolize a year of life, and the "reaching home" after such a journey may symbolize a return to some postmortal state (on the Other Side) that the soul may have previously inhabited.  
  • A kind of narration voice in my dream said, "This is John Wayne when he was dying of cancer." But the image was not of Wayne in some bed, but instead an image of Wayne walking across some bridge. The bridge may have symbolized a passage to an afterlife realm ("crossing a bridge" is a common motif in near-death experiences).  Wayne did actually die of cancer. 
  • I had a dream of my mother giving me a gift, and saying, "You can keep it." This may have been a veiled reference to immortality. You might consider life a gift from your mother, and the preservation of existence through immortality a kind of "keeping the gift."
  • I had a dream I was in some attic describing a philosophy I called biospiritism. In the dream I said that one central idea of the philosophy was that biological life was a marvel of organization beyond natural explanation.  I also said that another central idea of the philosophy was that humans have a soul or spirit. The latter statement seemed to be a reference to an immortal soul. 
  • I had a dream that there were some people moving into a life boat launched by a ship, and that someone in the boat threw out a dead dog into the water. The dream simultaneously suggests themes of survival and discarding of a body, hinting perhaps of survival after your dead body has been discarded. 
  • I dreamed that the lights turned off, and that I then picked up an old-fashioned rotary phone. There was the very clear idea that I was phoning some realm of the deceased.  "We are greeting you here," said a male voice I heard over the telephone. "I can't wait to see you," I replied, using an expression someone uses when he thinks he will soon see someone else. 
  • I dreamed that I was going to soon visit my mother, and then got a phone call saying she was dead. The dream may suggest I may soon visit a deceased parent in some afterlife realm. 
  • I dreamed that I was working in some office like they had in the early 1990's, in which people had big bulky computers that needed to stay plugged in while someone was working. I pulled out an electrical plug from the wall to put in my plug in the socket, but then I noticed I had pulled out the plug of a man who had been using his big computer. I was worried that this would have caused an information loss, but the man told me there was no information loss.  The loss of electricity (a frequent motif in my dreams)  may have symbolized death, and the preservation of information despite such an event may have symbolized preservation of the mind in some life after death. 
  • The night after the death of a sibling, I had a dream consisting of nothing but me looking at a few pennies on the floor, and saying to someone else, "Look here!" Many people think that finding hard-to-explain coins can be a sign from the Great Beyond, and I have had innumerable strange experiences finding hard-to-explain coins, including one in which a coin rolled up from behind me, rolling on its edge, when I was alone in my apartment.  
  • I had a dream in which I was on one side of a river, and could distantly see some females on the other side of the river, who were anxious that someone come back across the river. There was then the idea that this person was not coming back, and the females wailed, before walking away from the river bank. Crossing a river bank is a frequent metaphor for dying and going to some Other Side. 
  • I had a dream of a trunk that was all packed up with things needed for a journey.  This "packing up for travel" theme supposedly occurs often in hospice patients, and the journey may represent a trip to some afterlife destination.  
Besides these there have been quite a few other dreams with a "going home" theme that may symbolize a return to some afterlife state of existence that souls may possibly inhabit before going to our planet. 

References to the Deceased

Many of my dreams since mid-November have referred to deceased persons or deceased animals, who I have either directly seen in my dreams or heard mentioned. These include the following:

  • Twenty dreams involving my late mother.
  • Sixteen dreams involving my late father. 
  • Eight dreams involving my late sister.
  • Two dreams involving one of my late grandmothers. 
  • Several dreams in which I saw pets I had previously had, who died. 
  • A dream in which I heard the late Karen Carpenter singing "For All We Know."
  • A dream in which I saw the late actor Richard Burton.
  • A dream referring to the late composer Richard Wagner.
  • A dream involving the late president Ronald Reagan.
  • Two dreams involving a famous political leader I won't mention. 
  • Three dreams involving the late actor Peter Falk, and two dreams involving the late talk show host Johnny Carson (in one dream, I was asking Falk to identify Carson from a photo on a book, and he did identify him correctly).  
  • A dream involving the late actor Leonard Nimoy.
  • A dream involving the late opera singer Luciano Pavoratti. 
  • Two dreams involving the late actor John Wayne.
  • A dream mentioning a very famous historical figure born in ancient times. 
  • A dream involving the late actor Gregory Peck. 
  • Two dreams involving the late Albert Einstein. 
  • A dream involving the late Neil Armstrong. 
  • A dream involving the late William Shakespeare.
  • A dream involving the late John Kennedy. 
  • A dream involving the Beatles (two of whom are deceased).
  • Two dreams involving the late actor Marlon Brando.
  • A dream referring to the late physicist Isaac Newton.
  • A dream referring to the deceased founders of a large company.
  • A dream referring to the late philosopher Rousseau. 
  • A dream referring to the late biologist Darwin. 
  • A dream involving the late actor/celebrity Orson Bean.
  • Three dreams involving the late opera singer Franco Corelli. 
  • A dream involving the late actor Jimmy Cagney.
  • A dream involving the late commentator Rush Limbaugh. 
  • A dream invoving the late medium Margaret Fox.
  • A dream involving the late film director Stanley Kubrick. 
  • A dream involving the late actor Fernand Gravey, mirroring a scene in a 1938 movie in which Gravey was humming a Johann Strauss melody (interestingly, I could not recall the melody the morning after having the dream, but it played exactly right in my dream).
  • A dream involving the late actor Christopher Reeve. 
  • A dream involving the late philosopher John Stuart Mill. 
  • A dream on February 20, 2021 involving the late actor Edd Byrnes. 
The appearance of Edd Byrnes in my dream of February 20 is very astonishing.  Byrnes became famous in the late 1950's and early 1960's as an actor in a TV show called 77 Sunset Strip.  He played a character who was called Kookie. After 1964 Byrnes had very little fame in the US on the stage or screen, and the US public pretty much forgot about him (although he had some success in acting in Europe). He appeared briefly in the movie Grease in 1978, and got occasional roles here and there, without ever getting another US TV series to star in.  There is no reason why I should have remembered Edd Byrnes or the role of Kookie that was his main role.  I remember my family would occasionally watch 77 Sunset Strip, but it was always more than 50 years ago. Except for seeing Byrnes briefly in the 1978 movie Grease,  in which I did not recognize him, I cannot recall seeing Byrnes in any role in the past 55 years, nor can I recall reading a single word about him during those 55 years (prior to my dream of him), nor can I recall seeing him on TV during that time, nor can I recall ever thinking about him during the 55 years prior to having a dream of him. I can't recall a single word spoken on 77 Sunset Strip, or any of the show's plots, and I can't recall a single word Edd Byrnes ever said or wrote. If you had asked me "who is Edd Byrnes" the day before my dream of him,  I would have said that I don't know. But somehow on February 20 I wrote in the middle of the night that I had a dream about him. I wrote down his name exactly like this: Eddie "Cookie" Byrnes, remembering not just his name but his main role, with the very minor shortfall of using "Cookie" instead of "Kookie."

Byrnes died last year. In my dream he was on a high-speed boat, looking young and handsome, as he did back in his glory days.  Was that boat heading across a river, going to its Other Side?

Telepathy and Psi References

Another novel change in my dreams since mid-November has been references to telepathy and clairvoyance.

  • In one dream I was being tested for telepathy. 
  • In another dream I suggested telepathy as an explanation for something.
  • In another dream that was vivid and realistic, I was lecturing a group of students on the topic of clairvoyance, speaking just as I would if I actually were doing such a thing, and noting that the published evidence for clairvoyance goes back more than 200 years. 
  • I dreamed my mother was asking me to say something to my brother about clairvoyance. 
  • In a dream on March 3, there was a very vivid presentation of the idea of telepathy. In the dream I was struck by the idea that I could read a young lady's thoughts. So while staring at the woman face-to-face I merely thought to myself (in the dream) something like, "I am thinking of the number 14 -- can you guess it?" Then, staring at me intensely without speaking, the woman thought, "Yes, I got the number -- it's 14." 
If dreams are sometimes telepathically influenced by mysterious parties, we can imagine such parties telepathically suggesting the very idea of telepathy, as a kind of hint as to the source of such dreams. 

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